Winter Ashe Juniper Work

I obtained this tree from Vito Megna a couple years ago.  I’m not sure when it was collected.  Ashe Juniper is also known as “Texas Cedar” to Texans, which also seems to have a bad rap when it comes to allergies.

There is a reference to Ashe Juniper in the book Schoech, Wayne, and Masahiko Kimura. Junipers: Growing & Styling Juniper Bonsai. Passumpsic, VT: Stone Lantern Pub., 2007. 5-6. Print.  They claim to have no experience with it but have heard of people in Texas growing it.  Hopefully this one can be a representative and symbol of Texas bonsai someday after some love and hard work.


IMG_3781 IMG_3780 IMG_3778 IMG_3777 IMG_3775



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