Prunus mume Trunk Chop

Today’s temperature was about 68F and so I decided to take a look at my pre-bonsai grow out side garden. I looked closely at my fattest Prunus mume or Japanese Apricot and saw this:IMG_3790 IMG_3791 IMG_3792 IMG_3788 IMG_3787 IMG_3786 IMG_3793

I decided it now may be a good time to do a trunk chop since I’ve been wanting to chop it since I got it. I got it in the condition shown above, a little too long and I like super fat super taper and knotty trunks.

IMG_3795 IMG_3796

I chopped it about 3-4″ from the root flare, which this tree has perfect root flare but is hidden in the soil at the moment. I used Van Aken modeling clay to seal the wound since it is somewhat cheap, findable at the local craft shop, pliable, and removable.

IMG_3799 IMG_3802 IMG_3801 IMG_3800

Finally, I snipped off the branches from the lopped off top section and dipped them in rooting hormone. I made sure to use sharp pruners as well as make a deep angle cut on the cutting to expose the most surface to the rooting hormone. I then stuck them in expanded shale and watered them. I made some two year-old cuttings as well as one year-old cuttings to see which type might root better if any…

IMG_3803 IMG_3806 IMG_3805


2 thoughts on “Prunus mume Trunk Chop

    • Since this post I’ve added some cleft grafts and I’ve found a trunk wart or a potential bud that has been growing larger. I think it will live but I’m not sure if the cleft grafts will take. The trunk wart bud may end up working out.

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