Fat Crape Myrtles

I have three aged crape myrtles that I have been growing out in these home-made planters made from salvaged woods pallets.  Never mind the prickly pear pads on the first one, they grow like weeds.


The first one came to me looking like this:

And now looks like this since I want a little more height on the tree.  I have a lead branch visible at the top, which is what I’m hoping to grow thicker and produce height and taper:


The second and third crape myrtles in the planters used to be joined and I found it at a nursery in Lakeway.  The nurseryman told me it was collected from someones property and so explains the reason for its accumulated age:


NowIMG_3814 IMG_3815

Unfortunately this last summer was the summer of bugs and aphids and the bare spots that can be seen on the trunks were caused by Flathead Borers.


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