Backyard Yamadori: Sugar Hackberry, aka Sugarberry, (Celtis laevigata)

I’ve had my eye on this Celtis laevigata (Sugar Hackberry) in my back yard along my fence for a while.  The very top of this ugly stump already grew into the chain links so I had to trim that off.  The roots, which are buried, aren’t too bad in terms of radial spread but it will take some time for the base to heal because I used a mean Sawzall to cut the roots short.  These are basically overgrown weeds in my backyard that will grow to full grown trees if not eradicated.  Because of that I’m very confident it will bounce back very easily this spring.


3 thoughts on “Backyard Yamadori: Sugar Hackberry, aka Sugarberry, (Celtis laevigata)

  1. Hi
    Nice material.

    It looks like it had an initial chop reasonably low down (with large side branches removed too) and then grew further before the second chop. Can you tell me anything about the timing?

    I’m trying to give someone advice also with a Sugar Hackberry – he’s just done the initial low chop (it had 4 rings and 3inch girth, so these things clearly grow fast). He’d like some indication about how long the regrowth takes. I’d guessed yours was about 7 years in total.

    Thanks in advance.
    Jerry Norbury

    • This tree was growing next to my property fence so it was hacked at over many years since it was considered a weed. Unfortunately, during this summer this tree was not able to take our intense heat after I potted it this spring. It passed and I never noticed any real new root growth, which surprised me. I am growing some seedlings that can grow 6 inches or more per spring and taper off during summer. These are also known to not heal or seal off wounds very well, which may have contributed to is overall decline. I would advise being very careful about large chops since this one was growing very strong before I collected it. Once I made some chops to the trunk and roots I think that did it in.

      • I’m the person he was referencing.

        I have chopped mine at the base as stated about a week ago. I am patiently waiting hoping it will back bud. If not, no big as these are very common in my area (I’m in DFW, North Texas)

        Summer is pretty brutal here as well, I hope it does ok. I left it in the ground so I have no disturbed the roots hardly at all. I’m thinking I’ll uproot it in Spring if it’s dead or alive either way and hope for the best.


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