New Buds Throughout the Garden

Nagasaki Crabapple:

Chinese Elm ‘yatsubusa’:

Crape Myrtle:

Bald Cypress:

Chinese Quince:

Ashe Juniper:


Fat Trident Maple Dug from MBP Bonsai Field

I traveled to MBP Bonsai this weekend for their Trident Maple Dig and dug two good sized ones.  The first and largest one was a mammoth to get out and I am stiff and sore from working on the beast.

Backside of the tree that was heavily carved with my new carving tool. A good amount of Van Aken modelling clay was used to seal the wounds.

From above.

Second trident maple dug:

New Bonsai Carving Tool

I found this chain-saw based carving tool/ blade at Harbor Freight today: (  It is made by King Arthur’s Tools in USA and this model is named “Lancelot 22 Tooth” P/N 45822.  It fit perfectly and snug on my electric Skil angle grinder.  I used it to carve the trident maples I dug this weekend, which I will post on next.

The D-Ho Bonsai Nursery Blessed with a New Baby Satsuki Delivery!

Well, not so much of a baby by any means but it is my baby for sure!! I’m seriously blown away by how nice this tree is beyond what I expected. My very first order of business was to clean that gosh darn moss off of the trunk. To me that symbolized how little individual attention the bonsai nursery I bought it from gives to their trees. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find some nice melted nebari!!

Update 2-13-13: For some reason the source I bought this from did not know the variety but gave me photos of the blooms, which are the wonderful mulitcolored type. This last weekend I looked closer at one of the tags I removed from the tree when I got it and it said “Koyo” on it. So this one is a Koyo Satsuki, awesome!

Backside view

And for scale, although in person (or in tree, haha) the trunk looks so much fatter than the can.

Got myself a present (anything new..)

Wooo.., this one is a sweetie.  I bought this one online and should be here this week.  I know it is a multicolored variety but I will need to work on identifying it.  The width is a staggering 24″ by 23″ tall and the trunk is supposedly 4″, CRAZY dimensions relative to trees in my collection.  I’m hoping this will be my showstopper.

These photos were sent to me by the seller, I did not take them.

Third Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia) Bonsai Potted

This is the third and second to smallest Crape Myrtle of mine I had growing out in one of my wood grow-out boxes.  It was growing in 100% Turface and the roots became very nice and dense, perfect for transplanting into a bonsai pot.

Flathead Borer (Buprestidae) damage can be seen on the front from last year. All of the bark died in that section and the borers seemed to eat the cambium from under the bark. I will probably carve this out and make it hollow.

Some Van Aken clay, my cut paste, on the lower left side or the back of the bonsai where a large branch was allowed to grow to pull the trunk shape out a little there.