The D-Ho Bonsai Nursery Blessed with a New Baby Satsuki Delivery!

Well, not so much of a baby by any means but it is my baby for sure!! I’m seriously blown away by how nice this tree is beyond what I expected. My very first order of business was to clean that gosh darn moss off of the trunk. To me that symbolized how little individual attention the bonsai nursery I bought it from gives to their trees. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find some nice melted nebari!!

Update 2-13-13: For some reason the source I bought this from did not know the variety but gave me photos of the blooms, which are the wonderful mulitcolored type. This last weekend I looked closer at one of the tags I removed from the tree when I got it and it said “Koyo” on it. So this one is a Koyo Satsuki, awesome!

Backside view

And for scale, although in person (or in tree, haha) the trunk looks so much fatter than the can.


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