Last post for the day: Trident Maple, Queen Victoria Agave, Ume, Sempervivum

Here is a Trident Maple, Victoria Agave, Ume, and a Sempervivum from my grandmother’s house in NY.  The pot the Agave is in was made for me by a friend I used to work with at Red Barn Garden Center back in 2005.


Small, but quite old, Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia) Hollow-Trunk Shohin

Potted this one from my pre-bonsai garden, seen to the right, this spring.  Lots of training needed now.  For perspective the pot is sitting on a 4″ x 4″ post.

Koyo Satsuki Azalea in training

It has a styrofoam diaper/ pot to insulate the kanuma pumice soil and keep the roots cooler.  This one is likely 50+ years old and with amazingly multi-colored blooms, which will likely open in May.  Just search my “posts by category” pull-down to the right of the webpage and look for “Koyo Satsuki” to see what the best bonsai material in the world can look like.  Satsuki bonsai are the king of bonsai!

Potted Ume / Prunus mume (still needing extensive training)


This is an ume bloom but not from the tree above.  The tree above has not bloomed yet but will likely bloom white.  The below bloom is from my Kobai ume, which I’m still growing in my pre-bonsai garden and this photo was taken in late December if you can believe that.