ASHE JUNIPER (AKA “BIG TEXY”)… after Peter Tea’s Utah Juniper Big Sexy

This land leviathan was captured by Steve (an up and coming bonsai pro) and myself.  In an attempt to reduce the disruption to the main root ball we kept the base soil intact using a method of wrapping plastic wrap around the root ball shared by Joey McCoy (a well known bonsai pro in Central Texas).

Using the golf cart roof as a sled was a crazy brainchild of Steve and mine after scratching our heads for how the heck to move this few hundred pound ancient ashe juniper.

The weed cloth was placed above the ground we planned for Big Texy.  These pictures were taken earlier this spring and I’ve been told it is surviving and doing well.  Stay tuned for some real glamour shots.

Bricks were then placed around the root ball to support the soil:


This thing is big, bigger than the camera can convey!


Good to see Steve smiling!


Unknown flower from grass/ moss on Drosera pots from California Carnivores

These little flowers are pretty cool.  They are growing in many numbers from the grass/ moss planted around my Drosera I purchased a while back from California Carnivores.