Japanese Black Pine Maintenance and Repotting


Satsuki Azalea Order from Nuccio’s Nursery Arrived!

I ordered these Satsuki bare rooted and they came in great shape and health.  I potted them immediately into a mix of Landscaper’s Pride, expanded shale, play sand, and perlite.  I tested the sand and expanded shale in a cup of white vinegar to see if they would dissolve and thankfully they did not.  If they did they could make the soil more alkaline, which I definitely want to stay away from.

Top row left to right: Shinsen, Juko, Geisha Girl, Shiryu-no-Homare

Bottom row left to right: Korin, Korin, Shugetsu, Kazan, and my Secchu-no-Matsu







Geisha Girl





Shifted the Celtis laevigata slightly in it’s pot.

I remember there being more/better nebari when I dug it up but it didn’t seem to show well in the previous post.  I shifted it slightly to the left, which uncovered some nebari taper.