Sizing up new pot for trident maple with wide nebari


Ulmus parvifolia ‘Yatsubusa’ (Yatsubusa Elm) trunk going wow!!

About 10″ visible root spread. Very uncommon for elm bonsai especially since this is not an air-layer and was developed over many years growing in the ground above a large tile.

The D-Ho Bonsai Nursery Blessed with a New Baby Satsuki Delivery!

Well, not so much of a baby by any means but it is my baby for sure!! I’m seriously blown away by how nice this tree is beyond what I expected. My very first order of business was to clean that gosh darn moss off of the trunk. To me that symbolized how little individual attention the bonsai nursery I bought it from gives to their trees. Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised to find some nice melted nebari!!

Update 2-13-13: For some reason the source I bought this from did not know the variety but gave me photos of the blooms, which are the wonderful mulitcolored type. This last weekend I looked closer at one of the tags I removed from the tree when I got it and it said “Koyo” on it. So this one is a Koyo Satsuki, awesome!

Backside view

And for scale, although in person (or in tree, haha) the trunk looks so much fatter than the can.

Shifted the Celtis laevigata slightly in it’s pot.

I remember there being more/better nebari when I dug it up but it didn’t seem to show well in the previous post.  I shifted it slightly to the left, which uncovered some nebari taper.