Ashe Juniper Styling

New styling

Really old pic


Yamadori Ashe Juniper update from Spring 2015 collection

Little one, trunk diameter about the size of a pencil but a completely natural twist with natural deadwood. Sara Rayner shohin pot. Pretty cool.

To put things into perspective…

Ashe Juniper

After lime sulfur treatment:

The most appropriate Ashe juniper accent grass in a Sara Rayner pot.  I still need to identify the species.  A very special  Sempervivum is sitting next to the grass.  The parent plant of this Semp. originally grows at my grandmother’s garden in upstate New York and now a part of it resides here with me in Texas to live on in her memory.

Shifted the Celtis laevigata slightly in it’s pot.

I remember there being more/better nebari when I dug it up but it didn’t seem to show well in the previous post.  I shifted it slightly to the left, which uncovered some nebari taper.

Backyard Yamadori: Sugar Hackberry, aka Sugarberry, (Celtis laevigata)

I’ve had my eye on this Celtis laevigata (Sugar Hackberry) in my back yard along my fence for a while.  The very top of this ugly stump already grew into the chain links so I had to trim that off.  The roots, which are buried, aren’t too bad in terms of radial spread but it will take some time for the base to heal because I used a mean Sawzall to cut the roots short.  These are basically overgrown weeds in my backyard that will grow to full grown trees if not eradicated.  Because of that I’m very confident it will bounce back very easily this spring.